Thursday, October 6, 2011

In My Lap Math

So, yesterday I had g sit in my lap as we did math. It eased her tension right away and overall she did well.  The concept is hard for her but we did not have any tears and I promised her that I would give her all the time she needed and not be pushy or get frustrated as well.  I do not know if this is healthy to do in my lap math but I need her to feel comfortable about math.

Today we will return to our lesson room because we have been doing class in the camper all week. They really have enjoyed it. We had the field trip on Monday and the girls stayed the night with me as K had an OB appointment early Tuesday.  Then again K had an appointment for a business matter on Wednesday so we did lessons later in the day at my house, which is where the camper is located.  This morning I will pack it up and carry it back to their home. We have several test to be completed today. I do not like to have more than one test per day but K had not brought that material here. Since there are several test to be completed I will not do lessons in those subjects today. Generally we still do lessons after the test but I hate that they have so many testing in one day. It will make for a shortened day so I will try to spend extra time on the other subjects and get some quality to them. I must say that I am not thrilled with the ABEKA health, science or social studies. I think they are capable of so much more and each subject should be more exciting than they make it. I always find ways to supplement the material. 

The fall colors are beginning to show and I do believe it is time for a walk in the woods. I would much rather use the season to better explain photosynthesis, which of course is not even mentioned in the material. I know at some point it will be mentioned but they are so VERY curious now.

At Lyceum the girls are taking a solar system class and seem to really be taking in the information. I hope to use that information to better learn about our seasons.

Tomorrow we are taking a visit to a veterinarian office, G is looking forward to this trip.  F has really come a long way in her reading this week.  As long as it is not in a reading book she does not moan about it. The language book of course has many sentences to read and I see progress in her ability to blend quickly and read faster ( not fast but no snail slow). 

There is a retreat this week in Chicago so our Lyceum is cancelled which permits us to get together with another local group of homeschoolers to go to the vet office.  I do not know them but we must venture out beyond our little group from time to time.

K did get a confirmed induction date for baby O. I am not thrilled as she is to be induced in order to control her delivery time in association with her blood thinners. Her perinatologist wants 11/21 but her primary OB wants 11/30.  He does not want to risk being too close to Thanksgiving Holiday.  I am concerned that she will go before then and we risk not being in control of all risk factors then.  I also do not want her to risk being in labor on a weekend as I must be at my job.  Overall, it is not in any of our hands and God will do as He plans.  She is eating well and baby O is growing well but she has only gained 7 pounds and she is 31 wks gestation. It seems she will weigh less after delivery than she did when this began.

Off to dishes I go then off to lessons.  TTFN