Monday, September 5, 2011

Why do I do a summer break when I love the Fall so much better

I was reading another blog I follow and it suddenly came to me.  Why am I taking the traditional summer break?  It really makes not sense at all.  I know I do not want to do year round school although it seems G has forgotten a lot of math (of course).  But what I mean to say is that if I love the Fall time so much and there is so much we can be outside and doing all day long then why do we break at summer. After all, I could swim in the morning when temperature is hot but the sun in not blazing down on us. That is rather important as I wear a big floppy hat to protect myself from the sun due to medications and the effect of the sun on my skin.  We could then come in for lunch, and spend the afternoon, in the heat of the day, within cold air conditioned climate control setting.  This makes so much more sense to me.  We could play in the park, ride our bikes in the middle of the day, hike the trails without DEET applied really take advantage of the best time of the year.

Years ago students were taken from school to harvest and did not attend school in the summer months as it was just too hot "in the olden days" to have school in the summer.  When I attended school, even my children the air conditioned rooms were the office. Gradually the schools that my children attended got central air but even now some classrooms do not have that luxury.  So of course the summer vacation had to happen. 

I do believe I will discuss this possibility with K and see if we can change our routine a bit.  Maybe a late Summer and early Fall break would be a good thing for us. 

I know most of you are feeling it too. The air is crisp and the windows are opening. 

Tomorrow we will attend another trip to see the rest of the Missouri Botanical Gardens as G needs more photos to make her scrapbook with.  We will also begin our Master's Lyceum on Friday.  I have been trying to put together the planned art project for the week but so far it has failed me.  I think I may have to reschedule this one and come up with some other idea.  I cleaned the classroom on Friday when we were finished so I am looking forward to beginning our second week of school with an up kept room. I have lots to do with my lesson plans as I prepared them way to far in advance. We are too flexible for such structure. I will need to bring home some books and redo some things for the next seven days. I hope to find that the program I downloaded will run on K's laptop, if not she will need to bring it here and download it as it will be so much easier that way.  She does not see an Internet at her home anytime soon. They can come use this one when the need to.

Oh yes, there it was again, a crispness in the air!