Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crack pipe for show and tell

Yes indeed, that was the headline for today. It seems that a kindergarten student brought in their mother's crack pipe for show and tell.  I know little ones find ways to carry lots of trinkets in their pockets. When G goes someplace it is often like a pat down to see what contraband she has on her, but that is generally in search of tiny dinosaurs or Polly pockets that do not need to be present.

Might I suggest to these drug moms that they check their children's pockets before they leave the house and if it is your child's turn for show and tell then at least know what is going on with them and find a stuffed animal.  GOSH!!!!

One more very valid reason to teach your children at home and hold them close to your values.  I cannot even imagine how many children played with that thing before it came out in class for show and tell.  I would hate to hear what the child could tell about it as well.