Sunday, September 25, 2011

St. Louis City Museum

Just a hop, skip and a jump across the historic Eads Bridge is an old warehouse. This warehouse became the vision of one man and has turned into a profitable work of art.  Bob saw the beauty in an old warehouse, in a part of the downtown city that really needed and has been getting a face lift. I do not know anything about this Bob except that he is a talented man with his creations. He takes old junk and turns it into creative and living art. In the process he has created a fun place for children to play and to be touched by art in a way that is unique. If you ever take a vacation to the area it is an entire day event for the family but I do suggest you take the day and participate. The St. Louis City Museum  has a web page of course to tell you more about it.  It consist largely of repurposed architectural and industrial objects, housed in the former International Shoe building in the Washington Avenue Loft District. The best description of the City Museum is found on Wikipedia as it has a floor by floor description of what is available. Wikipedia link will tell you more.

One of our friends needed us to take her oldest daughter because one was sick at home. It turned out to enhance the experience because it created a play friend for G and F rather than the two of them playing all day together AGAIN. 

We have been so busy at the beginning of our school year that we really need to buckle down and get some academic learning going as well but that will have to wait a while as we have a busy week planned for next week too.

This welded tunnel begins on the second floor of this old warehouse and goes upward over the large open staircase.

When you look at this with your naked eye you see the shells, the marbles and crystals that create a mosaic picture but when you snap the photo you get an entire different view.

This area is one favorite of the girls. In the ceiling are tunnels to climb through, under the floor are passageways that surprise you and the new tree house area is an amazing fun play on sculpture.

One of many slides and this one is almost straight down.
 It would be too much to take in if I put up too many photos. As a home school the museum has created days this year that are a huge savings compared to the general admission price. It is amazing how the home school craze is being recognized by local businesses and museums.