Monday, September 19, 2011

Kitchen Table Monday- make a rain forest

We begin with an old fish tank and store bought gravel.

Add a layer of charcoal and then stones that they found outside

Next we seek our natural compost around our wooded yard and begin to get dirty

The old end of the woodpile is a great source of composted material

We end up in the woods and find lots of matter that is decaying for natural compost

See the layers in this picture

Top view waiting for plants

Now to the yard to gather moss, as we do live in a rich environment.

Begin by adding the moss while it is freshly taken.

Layer view of our rain forest; see ferns, umbrella plant, orchids and moss in our forest.

Top view before we put the cap on top and some water in the environment so it can now produce its own rain and compounds it will need to thrive.  WE HOPE!