Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some photos of our year so far

 So here are a few pictures of our homeschool experience this year. It is the first year we have done this and sadly we cannot capture every moment or that-- OH I GET IT  --moment we enjoy.   I may never get my other blog over here so at least the pictures are here and I can move on.

G is inside of a bubble

Trip to Giant City State Park in Southern Illinois. Nature center and lots of history. Here they put their hands on the corner of the stones in the lodge that the CCC workers did diligently by hand

Walking Stone Fort trail

CLiffs past the stone wall

F comes to class dressed up as a puppy. AND still did her work

On of the items that struck the eye of F and the Art Museum

G liked this piece of Contemporary art as it was "real"
G did not enjoy much of the contemporary art as this one was "NOT REAL" and she enjoys art about real things

F has a ballet class in a co-op program they call "Master's Lyceum"

F is following her fish that she put in the pond as it travels downstrem, part of the Magic House in St. Louis

St Louis Art Museum

Touch topic of solar system as we prepare for a Solar Eclipse. Only to miss it due to cloudy skies.

G and F (grades 1st and K)

Watercolor paints done on the first day of school

Just because I like this!

Final result and it was a bit hit at Great Grandma's house

G and F making bread for Thanksgiving Feast

It has to rise more again

Still more bread

Kneading time before making the loaf