Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blogging at Monkey Joe's

So today K went with her dear friend to try to walk in the friend's labor after a MD appointment. That meant it was just me. WOW I do not recall how we did so well with just one teacher but I sure missed K today. I know the girls are getting a lot more done and improved understanding having nearly 1:1 attention all during lesson time.

SO how, you ask, did I end up at Monkey Joe's and blogging?  We it is winter here in Southern Illinois and the girls clearly need some good activity time. So we will have a PE afternoon jumping in the structures and sliding down slides, climbing up inflatable walls.  They were looking forward to coming but have never been here with there are few children and lets face it, G does not have anyone her age here as there are all still in school.  It is a treat for them, this place is a 45 minute drive from home and although we are now in the "big" city I might be able to stop by the parent-teacher tool store and see what tickles my fancy today.

I class we are still struggling with the fact that G has an immediate stress and --can't do it-- feel to her math.  She had new addition family added today and felt like she could not do it right away....told her of course not that is why it is new. Now get the hair out of your face, stop squirming in the desk, look at the board and the problem and say it with me.  WHAT?  I can't heare you, as a matter of fact the only one who heard you was the Lord.  Let's look again at the magic of math.  HAhahaha she just does not take to this well.

F took a little advantage of the fact that I was teaching two at one time today.  No worry she is way ahead so far anyway. One day will not make a difference. I just wish she was not such the manipulator that she can be. I must say it is getting better.

So that is all for today. yesterday they got to paint and tomorrow is the Art Museum. G plans to take her painting and donate it to the museum. We will see how they respond.