Monday, January 3, 2011

Hooray for Monday!

So in just two more hours I will begin the routine of class again but better than that it is Bowling Monday. A local bowling alley has an agreed on price through our co-op for homeschoolers during their non-busy time of 1pm. The price for both girls will be a total of only $7.00 and includes two games and their ball and shoes.

We did this in the beginning but the weather has been so nice that we did not travel to the alley to have this PE activity. So today I think sounds like a good day to hit the books a bit then hit the road. Get us all into the groove gradually and be full speed by Wednesday. 

I cannot express enough the comfortable atmosphere that homeschooling provides for everyone. 

During break G asked me if she asks to many questions. You know that not matter how it feels to us at times there was only one way to answer that question.  I hope it encourages her to continue but not increase her frequency. Gosh she is an inquisitive soul.  It encourages little sister, F, to be the same way although F also likes to tell me how it is most of the time.

BTW, F has been fighting sleep lately. She does not want to be older or bigger. She tells us that if she sleeps she will grow. I think I managed to stop that the other day. It dawned on me to tell her that she will grow anyway because that is God's plan for all of us. I then told her that she has the choice to either grow weak and sickly or strong and healthy. She would grow no matter what but she needed to eat better and sleep better to be strong and healthy.  The next night she gave me no issues and ate well all day.  I hope this sticks, she is a bit on the petite side anyway.

Additionally, away from the homeschool topic. Please pray for the health of MawMaw Jean.  We are very concerned about her and all prayers are heard. Thank you!