Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to class in the morning and making plans for growing season

I was so excited when I was browsing in the grocery isle. They had a huge clearance of Christmas items and such on clearance. So I bought two puzzles that we could use in school for $0.74 and beading sets for only $1.00.  I had to grab them as they have such useful purpose in extra activity time in school.
I know the classroom was left with some matter on the desktops. I will get there early to organize for the day.  I hope the girls are as eager to get back at it and pray that K puts them to bed early today.
They have begun to enjoy a little snack break so I will surprise them with a salad tomorrow as they LOVE to eat a salad. Then the next day it will be some strawberries.  Sounds crazy since school is not that long but a snack in the middle is enjoyable and allows a regroup for me, not to mention that good nourishment promotes good learning.
Our break time has been enhanced with the development of those hens finally getting happy in their new coup and the laying and gathering of eggs. The area that we have chosen for the LARGE garden this year. It has not been in till for two years now and the last crop from it was corn.  We will plan to till the area in the next few weeks and then in the early spring till in some organic matter with it as well.  This will be the year with a lot of big plans of becoming a bit self-sufficient.
I sure with K and M would consider a few windmills in the back part of their property. I know the initial expense is high but I have heard of some grants to help as well. On the warmest of days when the air is still they always have a breeze coming across.  In the spring and fall the winds are so high that I am not sure a mill could withstand it.  Talk about self-sufficient, they could sell back the energy produced.