Monday, January 3, 2011

Eager beginning to new semester

I was so shocked. It is hard to put into words. I was concerned about their ability to kick right into gear after a two week break.  Now I feel foolish for doubting their seriousness about success in school.
F, the 4 year old, sat down right away and said  "come on, let's begin class".  G, the 6 year old, moaned at having to begin class with he math lessons but she had already sat back in her recliner (in the reading corner) and read half of a Little Bear book independently before the Pledge was done.
Math is G's least favorite as she lacks confidence in it but she scores very well when test time comes.  F is really progressing in the K5 A Beka curriculum and she was little eager beaver today.
We began the first lesson at 0955 and finished every lesson by 1145. Headed to lunch in the kitchen then off to the Monday Bowling activity.  Finished by 1515 and headed home again. It was a day filled with fun all the way around. I honestly believe they enjoyed the lessons as much as the bowling today.
The most fun of the day was G's excitement to write 2011 on her papers today.  The calendar made lots of changes this morning as the season changed to winter while we were on break, the month to January and finally the year as well.  Plans of extra-curricular activities this month will include a field trip to THE CITY MUSEUM in St. Louis, the return of Home-school Monday at the Magic House, also in St. Louis and this month a new home-school program at the St. Louis Science Center begins as well.
Future field trips will include the Butterfly House in Chesterfield, Missouri and a trip to the Botanical Gardens as spring arrives. Ha ha, spring is a whole three months away but I am a planner.
Art projects seem to be on the mind of the girls as they received some new classroom paint and paint brushes for Christmas.  They also liked the beading sets that I found on clearance and want to know when they do that.  I had to laugh at them today very openly and ask them if they think all we plan to do are projects. I only got one smart face look and the other one ignored my comment.
So all in all, the idea I had that we would be in full swing by Wednesday is tossed out the window.  They hit the ground running.  Gosh this is fun!!!!!