Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So much done! So much to do!

Praises!!!  I have all the curriculum either here or in transit.  I did a great job bargain hunting for used items when possible.  It has been very time consuming and my house knows that I have been stuck in the computer.  My husband laughs when he comes home and finds me sitting at this desk once again.  A few things left to do, some big and some small.

Item #1 would be to get that room prepared. It is the hardest thing by far as it first needs to get "trashed out", then a fresh coat of paint, a new indoor/outdoor piece of carpet, new screens, new ceiling fan and light fixture.  When that is done I will place the desks, the reading recliners, the white boards, the activity table, the book shelves, the art supplies (oh got to buy those yet) and the different activity items the girls have decided they want in the room.  YES it is a big job but one that I believe could be knocked through with the right amount of energy quickly.

Item#2 would be the small stuff.  The reading nook wall decorations, the pencils and organization items for supplies that will be used.

Item #3 will be getting the wireless connected to this computer to pick up in the next building where we will be making our school house. The computer for the school house is completed and ready for them to use. Wireless mouse and keyboard as well.  The laptop is also ready to go so I will have the ability to use two different computers at a time, which is great since there are only 2 girls.

Item #4 will be to get the heater in the house by the end of October (or never knows)

Item #5 is the class room "pet".  Sure we have dogs, cats, deer, that we love and feed regularly but they want a "wonder-pet". They are trying to decide if it will be a hamster or a bird.  Personally, G found a container in the woods that is near the waterway, it was full of differently developed tadpoles. I think we should gather them and foster their growth, keeping them as our class pet.  They really want a bird however.

I have so much to do and have done so much already, still I find that I am behind schedule.  Next week we will take the girls to the St. Clair County Christian Home Educator Co-Op gathering.  We will see how well we fit in.  You see, we are not very meek or mild like the kind people we met at the orientation meeting.  We grasp life every day and rejoice in it...sometimes rather rambunctiously I might add.

Yes, as I have posted in the past, my life is a miracle and I am a survivor of APS.  It has its uncertainties.  I have a goal with these girls that I have committed to every day I see them.  Each day is a day for making memories.  I will encourage them to be filled with joy overflowing.  Afterall, life is a worth celebrating!