Friday, August 20, 2010

Holding on my own degree, I guess

I really thought this would be the right time to advance my own education as well.  I continue to work every Sat and Sun in a local hospital ICU. I really love that job and feel that nursing is not my career but my ministry.  As I age I know that the bedside care I have come to love is not something I can do later. Nursing is very physically demanding. 

Sure, sure I have said this before but why would I stop working on my Masters Degree so that I can teach nursing later on.  It is simple, my family is first and my new grand-baby will be here in April.  IF...IF M gets the new job and K can stop her job then of course I can return to college.  Right now that is not the situation so I must halt what I am doing. K is very sick still, not new baby sick but APS sick.  She needs everything I can muster to help out right now. 

God has different plans for my life it is clear.  I must follow as it is given me each day.  Maybe He does not intend for me to teach in the classroom but use me in the clinical setting as I do now. I so enjoy having students with me for the day, they enjoy the experience and the local Community College nursing instructors have been encouraging me to join them.  I must consider that God needs me where I am. After all, teaching puts me back to work dive days per week.  My weekend option program is a terrific gig!!!

That is all for now.  I hope this did not sound like I am terribley disappointed as I know enough to follow the path He puts in front of me and rejoice in it, even if I have a temporary disappointed moment.