Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Night We Joined The Co-Op

I must be honest and tell you that I was a bit frightened at what I would find there.  It is a Christian co-op which should not cause fear but I still have the shadow of the Christian Home-schooler reputation that hoovers over me I guess. 

It was great!  Totally in keeping with my own philosophy and with so many great opportunities.  Blessings came over their father during the meeting--yes indeed not only did my daughter come as expected but M came as well.  He has stepped up to volunteer as a leader for a 4-H Clover-bud program. 

This group as an enrichment program they call Master's Lyceum with a multitude of enrichment opportunities for the girls.  I imagine that since I am there I will be able to help somewhere in the process. 

All the curriculum is here and the room is still in the "hanger" so to speak.  It will not take long to do but it will take me having the energy to complete. I have told all that I need help so soon that will take place and we will have it together in no time at all.