Monday, August 16, 2010

I will be a grandmother again!!!

First I must say that this is a real joy no matter how it comes to me.  I enjoy my grandchildren so very much and cannot imagine life any different.  I also greet this joy with a little hesitation, not because this child is not wanted, but because it is my daughter who has been ill that will carry this soul.

I have mentioned before that I have an autoimmune illness called Antiphospholipid Syndrome.  Well in April my daughter became suddenly very ill and was wheelchair bound for a while following several weeks at a top notch St. Louis teaching hospital.  They were stumped as it manifested many symptoms of APS but there were a few things that just stopped them from confirming she also would have APS.  She has been on several medications that keep her on her feet.  These meds can cause birth defects so she must stop immediately, which worries me as her mother.

As GRANDMA I am excited beyond words. As MOM I am concerned for my own baby's health. So where to we take this?  We put it into our Lord's hands and trust HIM with all of our hearts that both will be healthy.  We take everything He gives us from day to day.  This is just one more thing.

GEE I hope we get another girl!!!  They had wanted to try for the third child in October but felt that would be the wrong move due to her illness.  HA HA  guess God showed them just who was boss. 

By the time this child get to my home-school the oldest will be in 7th grade, I would imagine she will be a lot of help as I will be turning the corner onto old age street.

Remember to support APS awareness, the leading cause of recurrent premature birth and miscarriages. The leading cause of young stroke and young heart attacks.  One of the leading causes of pulmonary emboli which kills over 600,000 people a year.  Did you know the pulmonary emboli kill more people each year than cancer and aids combined?