Friday, January 27, 2012

This post is all about me today

So when I get finished with lessons for the girls I am trying to find time and energy to work on the coop classes.  We know there will be a different venue but I still do not have the schedule or the absolute date to begin.  This is important as my class depends on loan items from our conservation office. 

I am rather good at working "friendly" computer programs and have been creating the class within a PowerPoint presentation.  I plan to connect it to a projector that we have and cut down a lot on the material that needs to be printed.  So far I have impressed myself with the presentation. One can only imagine how good it could be if I knew how to work ALL of the programs gadgets.  I do not have time to get a class in for it but my daughter is very familiar with it. When I have it completed I will seek her knowledge for a few enhancements that I know the program can do.

It is 0200 here and I find that I cannot sleep well tonight. In the morning we will take the baby to the cardiologist in St. Louis.  We will learn more about the double aortic arch and when we can expect surgical intervention.  He has gained weight well with the ease of the bottle and the upright position for feeding.  K continues to pump but cannot pump enough for his intake so he is supplemented with formula as well. 

My body has been fighting off an autoimmune flare and so far I am ahead of the battle. I began a round of steroids and I am feeling better today. Well, except for the fact that the steroids have me still awake. 

I hope to find more energy by the weekend when I return to work.