Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This week has been a productive learning week. My back has been hurting so I have not been to the classroom but we have been at the kitchen table doing our book work. I do not feel it is a good as a whole lesson but actually it seems to be more personal and the girls are responding well to it.  I may sit a chair between their desks when we get back downstairs and keep the same type of lessons going forward. 

We are doing our curriculum but with added material as usual. This week we are learning about the Chinese New Year and making craft decor to put in our classroom. I know they would love to take 15 days to celebrate it and not do any school work but we cannot afford the time away.

G is doing wonderful in her language studies. Seems she is a great proof-reader. F has been very much a five year old lately so I am trying to take first grade material and present it in a kindergarten style. I am not sure what happened to make her stop being too old for her britches but she has made a huge change. Well , actually it is probably the new baby in the house. I am just not use to it. 

G is enjoying the next level of math that we are doing. She likes to carry her addition and I am ready to get into borrowing for subtraction. She seems to enjoy things when they are more like a puzzle to solve rather than straight math facts.

Tomorrow we will finish a dragon mask that they began today. I will take them to the library and we will explore more about China. We talked about some of the traditions and taboos that are observed.  I am afraid Faith will begin to observe a few of them to be honest as it all made sense to her. :)  We will discuss this next week some cultural differences and governmental differences as well. We decided it will include a brief lesson about the Buddhist faith. I think it will be interesting indeed.