Friday, January 27, 2012

Day Filled with Great News

Today my newest grandson went to the cardiologist at St. Louis Children's Hospital.  They felt he had a double aortic arch but too sick to further evaluate it.  So he has regained the weight and then some.

But here is the confusing part, they tell us that his pulmonary artery was narrowed on the first echo and that the double arch appeared to be low down and not likely to interfere with his trachea and esophagus as would be the primary concern.  So they do another echo and find that the pulmonary artery is improving and we should expect it to get better as he grows. Then he says some rhetoric that ends with him not having a double aortic arch but at some angles it appears to be there but overall is not visible in the other views.

See, I am not trusting when someone wants to make me "not loose any sleep" but still do not hear a commitment to the NO DAA that he is evaluating.  He tells us in the first few minutes that his specialty is cardiac cath and flow while Dr. Sing, who read the first echo, has cardiac imaging as his speciality.  So I will not loose any sleep and will use my grandmother's intuition.