Friday, September 3, 2010

First day of school today

I had planned to wait until the 7th but the girls really wanted to begin class today.  I knew this so I was prepared.

Ha Ha, so I thought.  I was not prepared for G to be bored with the review material. I was not prepared for F to have one of her obstinate days. But I am no amateur to their individual needs and this is not my first walk in the park, so to speak.

So I quickly abandoned the lesson plan that the ABeka curriculum guide  had provided me with. I am sure that the guide is written to a class of children at varying levels of understanding.  G told me, about 15 minutes into the lesson, that this was really boring and she thought that home school would be more fun.  I replied, "your right, this is really silly to teach you what you already know. Our school will be fun sometimes and sometimes it will be down right hard work.  So should we do it differently than the book tells me?"  Bless her heart, with the sincerest of looks she answered me back.  "Well, your the teacher I know, so do what you think is good."

So I tossed out the beginning phonics review and had her teach me all the letters and the sounds that they make.  Then I opened up her language skills seat-work book and told her to begin on page one and work in it as long as she wants.  If she gets to a point that she does not know it then we will begin teaching at that point.  So she was so eager to show me what all she already knows.  She did several pages until I told her that she has spent enough time on that subject and it was time to move on.  So out came the math book and she did several pages there independently until I told her that enough time has been spent on that subject as well.  According to the lesson plan book I do not even use these books until the 7th -12th  lesson day. 

I was not prepared indeed for her to feel bored, but I know that it is not something I want.  I can only imagine how she would feel in a class of 25 students doing the review necessary for such a diverse gathering.  I know I will return to the lesson plan at some point but for now I am going to let her work independently in the books until she no longer is showing me that she has the subject mastered.

NOW, as for F.  She learns easily but not deliberately. Remember that she is still very young but very knowledgeable.  I know there are times I must let her age and maturity level be the guide.  Eventually, after being in the living room by herself, without any form of entertainment (TV, myself, or sister) she rejoined the room. We did begin in the book as planned but did not spend too much time on it.  She was more eager to open a workbook as well after 10 minutes with the letter "Ii" and do some work.  So I got out the really neat Reading Readiness Skills book she did several pages of tracing and coloring  I knew that her fine motor skills were going to be an issue, tracing is still hard for her.  Then after a couple pages we went on to the Number skills book.  She was very talented naturally and correctly completed three pages. 

I am not sure why ABeka has them do just one page at a time here.  I am going to let them be the ones that guide me for right now.  I hope soon we reach a point of new learning.  I hate to imagine them being bored with school.

Even with that, we were at the playground right after lunch. What a beautiful day it was. Cooling down, breezy, and a joyful experience. 

I still have not snapped those photos for the wall decor but will get to it soon.

All in all, my first day as a home school granny-teacher was enlightening. Not for them of course, but for me. OH, and today we joined the HSLDA.  I thought it might be helpful to do so. 

I must say that this life has suddenly become very busy. Next week is filled with lessons, meetings, doctor appointments, and G's first girl scout meeting. The following week will be equally as busy as the co-op bowling will begin as well as the Master's Lyceum enrichment program on Fridays.