Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Learning my tricks for when we are on the road

I have created a growing binder of a variety of activities. It includes math, phonics, language skills, sentence making, reading readiness skills etc....  On the days that we have to be at the doctor office or traveling to a field trip the girls can use this to reinforce prior teaching.  I feel that way we do not miss out on valuable time as the day really flies by these days.

We attended the Magic House in St. Louis Home School Morning.  It is a valuable experience at a very nice price.  We had just covered the 5 senses in science time and found a section that reinforce that lesson. The girls knew it right away and felt that they really were wise about it already and explained it to me.  These days are so rich as I find they new things.

Yesterday, at Children's Hospital, in the waiting room F worked in her binder when suddenly it all came to her and the big light bulb went off.  She successfully blended the word TUB using her phonic skills.  She was so excited. The woman sitting across from her asked her how old she is, that woman then looked at me with an expression that I did not know how to understand.  It was more like I was pushing this little soul than amazement that this little soul is a natural learner.  It was a big day for her.

Another trick I have learned is that we do not have to begin the day with the traditional lessons. G is just not ready to take it on so fast, it looks like she gets a headache when we begin too early. So today I finally used our art easel.  Great idea!  F tells me as she has never painted like this before.

I am so blessed with each day as I watch their bloom unfold.

Oh My gosh...they just learned how to make GRAY.  They are so excited.