Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another great experience at out Lyceum

Friday was another wonderful day of experiences and interactions.  G moved between activities with such ease, as if this 6 year old was a middle school child.  She helped others find their way and did errands for me at the end of my class time, as we cleaned up my room at the end of the day.  F enjoyed it very much although she started the day with that horrible attitude she gets and told me she was not going to participate.  Well when we continued as usual she quickly forgot to be hateful.

The girls had been left with studies to do with their father and mother earlier in the week while I took a trip to D.C. however a local boy had gone missing and daddy needed to work with the search team while mom prepared large amounts of food to feed them.  Since they were so involved with the search there was not much other work done. The girls were happy when the boy was found but were to distracted by the fact the "he is with God now" to have any productive learning.

Big plans this week as we begin a once per month activity at the St. Louis Magic House.  It is a special program for homeschoolers only and I expect it to be very fulfilling.

I did test G recently in phonics, she did well but I expected her to achieve 100% so I was surprised when she got a 97% and an 92%.  Great grades yes indeed.  I feel we must be dong something right.

I am still trying to find a way to get F interested in blending her sounds that she knows, her reading books are here now so I hope that will help.