Monday, July 4, 2011

Living with Great Danes

A moment away from my primary blog purpose:
I have been the owner of Great Danes for 22 years now.  I enjoy other breeds but these gentle creatures are my favorite. I have a friend who loves Greyhounds and one who adores Beagles.  I have owned other dogs and even until recently had a Rott with me for 9 years. But my last two Danes passed aways within the past 6 months.  I had decided that I really did not want to start the pup routine again.
Then I accidentally came across a 2yr old Dane in a no kill shelter.  She had be surrendered by her owners. Her story touched me and when I say her pictures I knew she was meant to be with me.  This is not an easy decision as I also fear the possibility that my life is coming to a close and a commitment to a pet like a Dane is hard to make. Still, I made contact and she has been with me since June 24th now.  She is beautiful, had I purchased her as a pup from the breeder her cost would have been no less than a grand and possibly more.  So here are some pictures of Allie to enjoy.  She has really filled my heart with so much joy and is a part of our family very quickly.  It was like the love you have the moment you actually touch your baby, it was real, it was instant and it will be lasting forever.