Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fixin' tu get reddy

I just had to do it.  I love hearing my Texas friends speak but wonder how in the world they ever teach their children phonics.  Well,  except for my friend Seresa, her phonics are clear yet I am not sure about her boys. :)

So yes indeed, I am getting ready for school  I am awaiting the arrival of the curriculum but also looking forward to this Fall's Master's Lyceum (our co-ops group enrichment).   Last spring I conducted a Curious George Rides a Bike lapbook class. It was filled right away with teachers children and many said they wanted to get in but it was full. So I will do it again this Fall and then offer it every other year.  I am looking forward to two classes that another parent is conducting. She will have a Magic Treehouse book club and an Expedition Earth class. I know G will enjoy both of these classes, then she will continue ballet and art. However, G did voice an interest in the gymnastics so we will have to see how the schedule plans out.  For F this semester I know that although she is young the Learning Centers program will really not be a challenge to her and I hope to get her into the FIAR program this year. This will be a good one for her for several years to come. G love FIAR but she will have so much to choose from and frankly we can do some good FIAR programs at home.  The lapbook we did last year from Make Way for Duckling was very much a FIAR type of study.

I went through the math objectives listed on the ABeka web site and printed them out. You see, I have not been good about follow through with any summer lessons as I had thought. As it turns out we only missed three objectives which are shared objectives for second grade.  Therefore, I must re-evaluate my teaching strategy a bit.  It was very relaxed last year which was great but I also began making it the norm to begin closer to 10:00 a.m.   This cannot continue as I have so much I want to get in and after lunch they are essentially done.  So I am going to be firm about 8:30 start time, there is so much I want to do that can also be fun but when I get going to late it seems we just get in the required items for the day.

Kelley bought some great supplemental items this summer that will be here in mid August as well.  I also think we will begin each day with a 5 minute exercise session.  Get our blood pumping and the morning squirms out of the way. 

They have a baby brother due December 3rd so we know we will have to be flexible. Kelley is doing good with this pregnancy, but this time she is also seeing a Perinatologist.  Owen's beginning was a rough one but he hung in there and seems to be growing well now.  It is possible that near the end I will loose my team teacher to bedrest as usual so I am preparing to manage on my own again. 

I am so blessed to share in my grandchildren's education and daily life!

This year I am going to use the free version of  Homeschool Tracker.  Eventually I do think I will purchase the upgrade and use it to keep transcripts.

This will be a fabulous journey!!!!!!!!!!