Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Am A Horrible Summer Program Teacher

First we brought a few items to my house, away from their classroom environment. The believe was that they would be here so much anyway to swim.  But the truth is that I seem to have so much to do lately.  During the usual school year K was recovering so much of the time, we switched from my home to their home, K's van was in need of some expensive repairs so I was rarely free to tend to my own home.
Did that matter to me?  NOPE!  But now the price is being paid as I have so much deep cleaning that should get done but find that I am a disorganized mess inside my own house.
K's van is repaired so I have lots more free time to tend to my own home matters. Since she is driving again we find that the girls are not here as much as we had anticipated and the pool was very very long to get stabilized that they have not been here much.
Then there is the moaning that is taking place as I introduce a lesson in math. G hates math and I am back at having to find the fun in it that she had discovered near the end of the school term.  Seems all she can recall is that she dislikes math. 
So why am I horrible?  Well, I am not fired up about any of it.  I wanna have fun now that so much of my house is getting back to order and the pool is open.  I do not want to hear the whining about getting a lesson done before swimming and the huge delay in getting to the pool because of it. 
I am normally not easily manipulated by a child but I feel this is more about me than them.

I hear in my ears that old song....girls just wanna have fun....and cannot seem to grow up right now.  So I am going to put on my big girl panties and let the holiday pass us when BAM!!!!  I will get into the groove again... I hope. 

What do you do when you get so side tracked that you need to get YOURSELF back on track.