Friday, June 17, 2011

Gearing up for "summer school'

So the girls have had a break for a while and this week finished Vacation Bible School. It is time to begin the summer program I have set up. We are going to have set time on Mon, Wed, Fri. to do work in each girls weakest subject.  They have been participating in the summer program at the local library.

Speaking of the summer reading program: It is themed  "Midsummer's Knight Read" and now a days as they play I hear more and more castle and knight talk.  Today they HALTED me as I entered the deck.  I love imagination!!!!

They have enjoyed the VBS so much that I am pleading with K to let me enroll them in the one in my community as well.  It seems that they had begun to fuss at each other a bit during this break. I am sure it is because ultimately they are bored. Children need some structure time even if it is the unstructured home school.  They need their time to be occupied in positive ways or they find discontent as they have played with all those toys a million times before.

I will begin keeping up the blog again as the summer program begins.