Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First day of summer program

F was a typical four year old not a child that has completed the Kindergarten course work. She was fussy and pouted a lot. When I finally put the book away she cried out...but I do want to read, I do.....

Now some may turn around and say good. I said to her that she had her opportunity to do so and that class was now over for the day. The only class I am doing with her in the summer is phonics/reading.  She began to make firm demands of me to let her do the work. I reassured her that I was not angry and that her lack of participation did not effect me at all.  I did firmly let her know that I am the grandmother and teacher, and we do not take our directions from little girls. I reminded her that God tells us to honor our mothers and fathers. Being a grandmother that holds especially true. Again, more reassurance that we can try again in class on Wednesday.  I held firm and did not cave in.

I did some review w/ G but the room was a bit distracted. I hit her up right away with a test.  She has all 100% in math being fresh and new from lesson to lesson. Today she got an 81% and all due to careless attention. Her math itself was all correct but she carelessly marked the time on the clock, and lets face it---if you get the hour hand confused w/ the minute hand then the entire thing will be wrong.  She did two correctly but then was distracted and did not review what she had done.  Her skip counting was also all correct but she did not use the correct function in a word problem so of course the answer was also incorrect. It does not take long to see those points reduced.  We also began completion of spelling and went to the spellingcitty.com abeka list for her to play as well.  I am not sure it will teach much spelling but she liked the site. 

That will be all for now.  I am headed to bed, sleep has been my enemy.