Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First day in new location a challenge

I expected it would be but I am not so sure K was prepared for it all.  The girls have had a lot of changes lately and we all tend to think that kids are so bouncy that they can bounce right back with each change.

I of course am old enough to know better, but I also know that I did not fully understand that when I was a young parent.

It was a much longer day to get things done but we worked a lot of the lapbook project as well.  I am certain the tomorrow will be a better day as we have gathered our forces and know what job belongs to each of us. I would hate to step away completely as this has been a huge blessing for me. I also know that K does not want me to stop as she feels like we each have so much to offer the girls within our own special talents. 

So tomorrow I will become the phonic/language/reading teacher while their mother becomes the math/science/bible/social studies/health teacher. We will both participate in the art projects.

K has some reading up on the charts/games tips that came with all of the A Beka material.  It has been under-utilized but with another person there it will be fun.

So \~/ here's to another day!!