Friday, May 2, 2014

Hopes for Deep Understanding and Solid Foundation

The title of today's posting refers to the type of adults that I hope the grandchildren can achieve.  Today I see  another person make a comment on Facebook about how devastated their child is for missing the red moon.  I have seen this same person tell me about the Kleenex box that they have next to them as they watch the final show called the "Bachelor".  Let me be clear.  Grace and Faith have participated in the birth of kittens, puppies and foals.  Without understanding the how, they know that to get chicks you must have a rooster in the hen house.

Why would a person who shelters their child in a protective homeschool world permit them to watch such a show?  How do we come to let reality television become so real to us that we cry together if they do not choose the one we want or to cry in joy if they do choose the one we want?  So the same child attends a group activity and discovers that there was a special lunar event that others saw and she did not.  The mother actually post how this child cried all the way home.  Oh my gosh, how superficial can we become?  I simply would not have permitted such conduct, even thougth I am a grandmother.  Fortunately, I have not seen these traits in my grandchildren.

That is not to say that they do not have wants in life. They are children.  They have wants. I also know that they have be taught and reinforced not to covet thy neighbor.  Part of what we teach as a homeschool involve Biblical principles.  That means translating to the young children what is meant by the laws laid down to us by God.   Teaching commandments does not mean memorizing them but learning how to put them to your own life now.  As we grow we come to apply those lessons differently. NEVER in a million years would I post something that would so clearly demonstrate the shallowness of a moment.  I believe those moments are best kept within a private moment and used for better education and preparation of the future.

Oh my goodness, that sure sounds judgmental but the intent is to simply state that when we choose to homeschool then we are choosing a life that is generally outside of the norm.  Today as Grace went outside she had pulled her hair up in a ponytail and proudly announced, "We country girls don't require fancy styles."  I am not afraid that they are not comfortable with their body image.

Finally, let me say that Grace has experienced an bad outbreak of her eczema.  People will ask about it and draw attention to it.  She tells them what the rash is.  One would that that would be the end of it but generally it is not.  The worst offenders are adults.  I cannot imagine what to expect from the children of this generation when the parents are so poorly equipped to handle themselves with some level of etiquette.

IT is my hope that the girls discover a deeper understanding of things in this world and with a solid education of God's laws they have a solid foundation for their lives as adults and perhaps a parent some day.