Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just a quick WHATS UP

The end of co-op semester has come and gone.  The joy the girls feel on co-op day is wonderful.  I know most kids are ready for school to end but co-op days, while educational, are very enjoyable.

Grace's classes were advanced sign language, piano, lego machines and Narnia. Each class had great educational value offered in a relaxed environment.

Faith's classes were Art around the World, American Girl, Jr. Math lab and French II.  I know they will miss our Thursday classes but it does give me another day to get us up to date with current status.  I do not imagine we will see an official summer break. 

We just have too much left to do.  This week the girls will have their last class at the St. Louis Zoo.   I get the feel that I need to hunker down and get very serious about getting the year done.  Then as soon as I let myself think those thoughts then I remember what my goal is about.  Outcomes are important and to have the outcomes I shoot for then I know need to keep our lessons fun and focused.
Other plans for the week will include decoupage of Easter eggs. I am not very good at adding in craft and arts but this will be fun.

Next week they have a field trip to the Riverlands area for a water sampling class conducted by the Corps of Engineers.  Their programs there are always first rate.

I almost forgot to mention that the girl completed their geography fair projects and presentations. I was so proud of them.

Nothing exciting to post or talk about and trying to do it on this laptop is awkward for me.
May your days be as blessed as mine are.