Friday, May 9, 2014

Feeling Successful

This has been a week of great accomplishments.  Math is no longer Grace's enemy.  Faith overcame a fear and finding pleasure in bike riding. Owen taking traits of the big kids.

Now that math is not feared we are moving forward. She is not fast but she is accurate. She is not crying but feeling great success in her ability to do long division without a single verbal cue. 

Faith has been afraid to ride a bike but managed to do it well enough the moment I sent her on her way that she kept at it all afternoon. She can now get the bike started and go a good distance before leaning it over. Her falls are controlled.  All she needs to do now it to hold her head up and guide it better.  Grace is excited in this accomplishment, she will have somebody to ride along with her.

Owen is acting more like the bigger kids. When Faith was working on the bike her figured out how to make the tricycle go forward.  He is quick to tell his mother to go and plans to be with me instead. However, he is still too disruptive to be left with me when teaching. 

Plans for the morning will include making a gift for their mother.  Continuation of our lessons plans is mandatory.  I do not want to conduct formal lessons all summer but will do math all summer long or Grace would need to restart. She seems to be OK with this idea.  Grace has begun an online computer programming class too.  She is doing well and enjoys very much.

I know this post lacks a humorous flare but I can't be cute all of the time.

On a personal note, this evening I ate dinner with my mother and my sister.  I would like to say that I enjoyed it very much but truth be told it would have been a better night had I just spent it with my big sister.  I am not sure what makes a person get old and become a complainer.  Being a nurse I meet tons of geriatrics. I know crabby does not come with age due to my extensive interaction with the elderly.  I also know that a fair amount of people become chronic complainers.  I tried a new food and enjoyed it. Nothing about the meal was right for my mother.  My sister tried really hard to encourage mom to indulge in the experience.  It was her treat.  She was even thoughtful, giving me a card and flower in recognition of Nurse's Week.  I find that people do not understand my big sister very well.  I wish they could see her heart the way I do. 

On  final note, my oldest grandson turned 15 years old this week.  Hard to imagine.  He is a good kid, gentle natured, faithful and a great student.  I hope he stays on course.