Friday, November 25, 2011

So now we have to get back to some lessons

Seems we have been having more of life lessons lately than core education lessons. That is fine of course but I am ready for the calm down.
Baby O was born on 11-20-2011 and is a healthy boy. Mother K is doing well but had a rough way to go from the beginning of this pregnancy to the end. G and F have been clearly making their adjustments and I no sooner announced to them that we could get back on track with school when suddenly an "appointment' came up. OH NO they tell me, thinking we could calm our days a bit.

We have not been in any class for ten days now. This is going to come as a hard one for them as we will be going well in to the summer months to catch up what is now twenty days. I expect Saturday classes to be necessary. Then again, we did decide that we were interested in a break that was a bit into the fall so perhaps that is a natural way to fall into our next  school year schedule.  hehe the pun was intended

Plans for this upcoming week will be more work on our dinosaur lapbook at our KTM format. The girls are really looking forward to this when they realized that there is an appointment with the pediatrician on Monday. No problem as we all ready know that we can do some of this lesson in a car.

We got a cute small tree to put in our classroom and some craft items to make ornaments for the tree. I imagine we will do that Monday as well. Today we went to the Santa parade and the girls were filled with Christmas Spirit.  They told many people Merry Christmas as they passed them on the sidewalk. It became contagious as it was not long that others expected it from them as they passed and initiated it on their own, only to see them passing it on down the road. It was a great day! I really needed it.  The stress of the past week mixed with the excitement and lack of sleep turned me into someone I really do not know well at all.
Feeling revitalized I am excited again to face each day. It has been a rough week and to be honest it is a good thing that we did not get lessons completed as my teaching ability really has been impair during a stressful week.

So next week I will move on with F in her reading as we slowed down for her to catch up a bit with the many new special sounds of phonics. G will move on in spelling and oddly is enjoying all her capitalization rules and finding the errors in a sentence. Our last math class with G was a test day and she did great!

I really do not have much to post about but think next week I should be ready with pictures of the dinosaur study.