Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reading blogs use to be helpful

I use to find it helpful when I first got into blogging. I began at homeschool blogger but like many others made my way to this provider. I was discouraged by the other site's times that the blog was not available or other glitches.
I did find others on that provider that through their experiences I would learn more about homeschooling. But this provider all I am discovering more and more business blogs. Sure the products are nice but many are focused on the early learner and my girls are past most that I see. I rarely get a glimpse into what others are doing to overcome a struggle or to celebrate their accomplishments.
I am a very busy woman and even with my busy life I wonder how the bloggers who put so much up for giveaways and such manage to teach their children. A blogging business is timely. 

On another note I do believe we will get into the swing of school again. Yesterday ended up being another day of appointments. Baby O had to go for a weigh in as he is down to 6lbs 3 oz but on the up side he has been feeding well for the past two days and I expect he will stop loosing. My daughter K has a wound infection and had to see the doctor as well. 

We did make some Christmas crafts later in the day and the girls decorated a small tiny tree for our lesson room. I look forward to moving on again with school.

I wonder what others do to get through these type of days. I am now at 21 days behind my schedule. Looks like some Saturday classes will take place come January and February.