Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

[caption id="attachment_265" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="We prepare for the full lunar eclipse"][/caption]

We have taken this time to learn some basics in science about our solar system. K was funny as she was preparing the lesson.  She felt that G and F are so much smarter than the book was giving them credit for. She is correct, but lesson books are meant at first grade to be introductions to material and explore ideas; the girls already know these basics except for the phases of the moon and of course the book does not begin at this level to go through a lot as the girls just not ready for that information.

So we are using this time to explore the relationship of the sun, earth and moon.  We plan to experience the FULL LUNAR ECLIPSE that will occur on Dec. 21st in the early morning hours.  It is to be visisble  from North America this month.  I pray for clear skies and awake children. 

This photo is my rough board drawing to begin the lesson and we will soon get the earth between the sun and the moon.  I sure wish I was an artist sometimes but they get the idea.  Later the enjoyed using their watercolor paints to create the same picture.

 I am glad to get the website back. I would hate to loose the material I have already typed out as it shows my journey. 

Since our last post we have used some sideline math time to create Christmas Ornaments. Great way for girls to follow directions and follow pattern of complicated shapes and sizes.  Their icicle ornaments turned out great. 

Each girl manages to display progressive learning although it comes so naturally and unpressed that you really do not know it until you test their knowledge.  So far, if they were in a traditional school they would be A+ students.  WHO knew?  I wonder what their grades would be like if they were not at home.