Thursday, December 2, 2010

I know that how accepting I deliver the information is important but..

sometimes I too feel frustrated and no matter how fluffy I make it my attitude does not always reflect how I really feel.  That concerns me as I want the girls to know that I accept them no matter how many times we go over 4+2=6 and 6-4=2.  I mean gosh golly, it appears it will be one of those blocked equations.  Not like it is the most important thing but I know that the tone that it is offered effects how the girls face their failures.

I might say...hey we are learning here and in learning we make mistakes....but the tone the K and myself sometimes have in our voice clearly does not reflect that.  So tomorrow when we sit down in the morning before class time begins I am going to pray with K for that soft mushy tone that I am just not good at.  Admittedly, the girls know I adore them but they are too consumed with the desire to please me or K and less concerned with feeling their own accomplishment. 

I received the A Beka Combination Dot Cards and Number concept cards and began using them today.  Tomorrow I think G needs to touch and feel them.  It makes such a difference when she touches it and speaks it.

G and F both are doing well with phonics. I am concerned that F likes to do what she knows and does not challenge herself in the topic of reading/phonics like G does.  On the other hand, F seems to be more naturally numbers minded.  F is such a unbelievable memorizing abilities,  that she hears teaching G math and answers it for her.  Imagine the frustration of the 6 yr old when the 4 yr old blurts out the answer.  F's brightness is great but she really needs to be more humble about it. 

G has begun to break out of her shell a bit when it comes to actions songs and poems.  She is enjoying them when I am around but gets silly and does not do so well when others are watching.  Today she learned a cut little poem about the Chubby Snowman that was animated all the way through and enjoyed it with me so much.

Next week will be a busy learning week, the following week has a 4H Cloverbud program and a field trip to St. Louis University for the Nutcracker Ballet.  The girls and K will be doing that.  I will have a day off. (sounds like a good day to pick up some extra work at the hospital for Christmas cash).

Well, for those who come here to follow my experience, that will be all for now.  Nothing new to report.  I think the move to the home of the girls was a good one as they sit right down and get things done without other distractions.  Overall, I can see progressive learning taking place.  G will be going to her next level reading book soon but I did notice a small struggle today which is rare.  She is nearly done with all the phonics sounds and we are getting into more complicated sounds and words.  THIS is so cool.