Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our One Room Schoolhouse

BTW while my posting ability was halted due to google constraints and the loss of my wonderful template and background, we finished our lesson room.  Actually it is a building that is separated from the house but connected by the decks.  Here are a few pictures.

The green walls are chalkboard paint.  I thought I would like it and I will use it for things but I want a couple large white boards badly.

It is about a 20x30 space.  Hard to notice but on top of the one book case is a smartTV, we got a new laptop and a wireless printer.  The nook area is not well defined in the photos but it contains another book case for children items and the one with the tv on the top has a dvd/vhs player and teaching supplies. 

The girls really like having their own space.  They got to decide how they wanted to place their desk and organize their items.

WE have lots of natural sun light. The last one is the teacher desk which seems to double as a cookie base for girl scouts right now.

This is just a small representation of the draws they keep their subjects in. One side is for the student book and the other is for the teacher keys.  With the proper training they know to get my items ready for a lesson when they gather their own.  Working well and they often grade their work which I feels promotes accountability, honesty and a quick look at why they got it wrong.