Friday, October 4, 2013

No Biting Donkeys

I want to be naturally witty.  I crack jokes often and have lots of fun in life. I am not a quick wit when it comes to my written word.  I think I shall work on that issue.

Funny moments in my life this week include the baby donkey who bites my son-in-law.  Penny likes to rub and love. She nibbled hands when she first arrived here but some gentle guidance and that has stopped. Until my SIL arrives. 
It was an interesting experience teaching Penny that she could not nibble.  She nibbled gently and it did not even hurt. The next day her nibbles got firmer and firmer. It was clear I must stop this.  I sat in a chair and she nuzzled me. She rubbed me with her head.  She nearly sat on my lap.  Who knew that donkeys are actually lap animals!
So, I gave a gentle flick with my finger and told her no. This happened repeatedly for about five more times. Gradually, she began to nibble more gently again. She got softer and softer until all she did was let her lips lay on my leg, opened but not biting.  Just like a child she would try me, test me and learn.
My hubby often comments on the unique personality of the animals in our lives.  Seems this has happened again.  I wanted to laugh hard at her as she put her lips on my legs. Looked up at me in an unsuspecting manner and waited to see my reaction.  Being jumpy my laughter was held inside and the moment of gentleness captured in my memory.

As I sit here, I find that a nap is calling my name. CHC is great. Each week we get into the groove a bit more. I imagine by the time the semester is over that we will be in a good routine. Kids seem to really enjoy their classes and they tell me it is the best Co-op they have ever participated with.
Grace has finally gotten a friend that looks forward to spending time with her. It is probable that they will move into Missouri soon which makes us feel sad for a friendship that has not gotten off the ground much yet. 
Next week is my son's wedding. I think I am suppose to get a dress and shoes soon.  UGH!