Friday, May 10, 2013

Rocket Building

A new opportunity has presented itself to us. It was a chance to be with a group of other homeschooled children to build rockets, learn a little about the rocket and then next week we will launch the rockets.

The class was held in the home of a friend's mother. The friend was homeschooled by her mother and now teaches her own children. We have attended group classes before but it was always in a public setting.  So lesson one was about bringing a small hostess gift. On the way there we stopped at the florist and Faith picked out a small but nice bouquet to give the hostess of the house.  She was tickled to do this rather old fashion activity.

Overall, they did well paying attention to what Mr. Fischer had to say. I noticed Grace trying to look around him so I know was paying attention.  Putting the project together required my assistance to a very small degree. Grace did will in following the directions she was given.  Mr. Fischer had determined that the two youngest ones were go have a rocket that was mostly built already. It meant that Faith did not have much to build on her rocket and so she was bored a bit at the end. 

We will launch the rockets next week and the girls are excited. I am sure Grace will count down the days along with Faith.  In the coming up week we will have some extra learning opportunities about rockets and the role they serve in today's world.