Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Only 24 Hours in a Day?

I think I need more.  Not really, it all manages to get done and I am exhausted by 6pm every night so I am not sure I would want more hours.  I could use a double that can help to get more done but then I am afraid I will not really feel the experience if my double was to be the one in the experience.  Gee, the thoughts could go on and on.

We continue to make progress in our learning.  I think that I do not always see it as it is so often small, subtle steps that are easily overlooked.  Specific to both girls are map skills and a continuation of the Continent of Australia.  We will begin the lapbook creation of this study next Monday. 

Our KTM (kitchen table Monday) has turned into a bit of Grandma's bed Monday as well. Guess we can call it GBM in the middle of KTM.  Our lessons on the continent of Australia were not fully met to our needs in just a Hands of a Child lesson, so we have library books we are using as well.  Those are best experienced within our GBM portion of the day.

We are gearing up for Christmas!  The house remodel all completed has made my home beautiful this season.  I cannot begin to tell you the comfort of my home now. 

Owen has begun hanging around for portions of our day. Here is a picture of the little guy, poor thing, as Faith placed him on a toy bin to sit and not disturb her important work.  Her work began as some clock drawings but while my back was turned changed into some Alice in Wonderland style of clock art.
I also have been tending to the newest grandson, Graham, as his parents have headed back to work.  This is only a short term thing, as they live 25 miles away and I have to pick him up at 5am then get him back to them when they get home.  I hate that they live so far from me but I am not a young chicken and don't think I could last long if he was here everyday along with the schooling kids.  I applaud you homeschool moms who teach and nurse at the same time.  I cannot imagine the distraction it would cause if this was an every day affair.

Besides the school agenda we are busy planning a huge Christmas Party for the Girl Scouts of our service unit.  It looks to be a lot of fun coming up.
So off I go, the girls will arrive any minute now and I need to get ready for school.