Friday, June 18, 2010

Consumed with desire

I continue to find myself consumed with getting ready for this home school adventure. I found a local group that we will check out on July 29th. I am not sure it will be a good fit or not but we will not know if we do not go. Girls are excited about what their future education will be. I have created an elaborate plan for the first day of school. We want the home school advantage and close family ties, less junk in our lives in dealing with the public school but we also want them to experience the excitement of the first day of school.
I took time this week to review some basic math with G which gave me a good start point. I also know that we will have to work more with money total values and tens, hundreds places. I did this with her when she just was not understanding how to form two digit numbers. I find that she figured it out but then forgot why as she had finally miemorized it. I do not know if that makes any sense fo another person or not.
For F this summer I am trying to work with phonics. I really think come November after she is four I will begin a late start school year for her and begin the K program. Still sorting that one out, and it will be up to her parents as the final word.

I plan to keep that in my mind at all times. I will plan and teach and foster their growth but the decisions about them are not in my hands but rather their parents. I know my duaghter really wants to do this herself but life has just not handed that to her as a possibility right now. We will be great partners I am sure.

Have completed most of the classroom plans in my head, now to make it a reality.
That will be all for now.