Saturday, June 20, 2015

Accused of Servicitis

Sure I know that there is not such word but that is what was told to me.  I seem to have a constantly busy schedule and thus I again neglect the blog but I wanted to write about this.  I did not want to fill my Facebook page with such gibberish as it would be too long.  So what exactly is SERVICITIS>>>

I enjoying doing things of interest to me and I have a many things that interest me. Take for instance teaching Grace and Faith. I enjoy this more than mere words seem to express.  I enjoy many things. I like to take a walk in the woods.  I will do it alone but love to do it with my grandchildren.  I like to shoot the bow and arrow and can do it alone but like to share it with others.  I like to plan and conduct Girl Scout meetings that of course can not be done alone.  I like to tend to the chickens and the donkeys. I like to build a garden.  So let me elaborate just a bit on these ideas.

Beginning with the garden.  I do not particularly like to garden.  I enjoy seeing it in full glory but I dislike preparing for it and planting it and I dislike maintaining it. Fortunately for me Faith seems to LOVE these things so I enjoy gardening with Faith.  This garden began as Grace's 4H project and while she planned it and worked it the majority of sweat equity came from her little sister.  It seems to come naturally for her.  Since Grace wanted to do the gardening project, Faith and I helped her to get the ball rolling.   The entire family will enjoy the few things that come from the garden this year but we look forward already to a better garden next year.  Why do I do this work?  Because I want to see the girls learn some valuable life skills.  I do not consider it a servitude to help with this.

Next on my list are the chickens and donkeys.  I should add to that cats and dogs as well.  I fine great joy in watching them, tending to them, petting them, laughing at them, gathering their eggs and teaching the kiddos the importance of animal care.  Step one, you don't eat until they are fed and watered.  It teaching them commitment to others and humane compassion to the needs of others, be it human or animal.  It builds responsibility and I do not consider this lesson to be a part of my servitude. 

Girl Scouts is an opportunity to teach girls about themselves, about a multitude of life skills and the importance of service to others and respect for diversity.  Diversity is the one MAIN reason that I stick with the GSA when others are fleeing and turning to the AHG program.  Yes we do community service for others but we all greatly benefit. Again, I do not consider this a servitude because I enjoy it so much and do not feel a burden by the service we do.

The homeschool archery team is the next on my list of things that I do.  I am asked why I do not charge for the classes that I conduct.  I am told that others would appreciate it more if they had to pay a fee.  I am absolutely sure that is not true.  Those who come to the archery program enjoy the process.  I enjoy the process.  I am thrilled when I seem them achieve something and that sense of accomplishment over takes the smile on their face.  I do this for me.  I do this for very selfish reasons.  I want my grandchildren to have this available to them.  I want them to do it in a group of kiddos their own age and yes even all homeschooled.  I want it to be available to all and those who homeschool often make sacrifices as it is with being a one income family.  Others benefit from what I enjoy.  The kiddos all get to develop another life skill and all the added perks such as patience, confidence, concentration and oh so many other positive rewards.  My grandchildren get to interact with other kids their age in the middle of the morning once per week.  I do not consider this a service but a privilege.  To tie a nock or glue a fletch can be relaxing.  To pack up seventeen bows and eight dozen arrows each week keeps me physically active.  Again, not a servitude.

Let me recall what else I was talking about.  Like walks in the woods that become an eye opening experience when shared with grandchildren or a trip to the zoo to see observe them observing the world.  I did not even mention that I am a nurse therefore I must want to serve others.  NO I do not.  I am a nurse and not a waitress.  I want to do what comes naturally to me and for some reason that is nursing. I want to teach people how to care for themselves.  I want to use my skill to observe for changes and to act on those assessments appropriately.  I want to go to work and earn the money that I make.  I want to get my paycheck in a very secure job. 

I am not a service junkie.  I am a Christian.  I do things for others that bring me joy.  I do not bring home dirty laundry and wash it for people who cannot not do it themselves.  Why not?  Because I do not enjoy doing it.  I think if a person is chronically providing service for others to a point that it becomes a servitude then you can tell them they have SERVICITIS but that is not me.  I do not do anything that I do not want to do.  I do not do anything for others that I do not enjoy doing.