Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It has been more than a month since I blogged

I do not have any grand excuse other than to say that we have been busy, busy, busy.  It seems that once I get one thing accomplished, another something comes along.  So let me try to recall what we have been up to in the past six weeks.

Going from the most recent event would be the fact that we just spent on week attending Girl Scout Day Camp with the Southern Illinois Council.  There are several day camp opportunities but I have come to enjoy the one held by service unit 211 out of Waterloo, Illinois.  They conduct their camp within the beautiful grounds of Camp Vandeventer, which is owned by the Boy Scouts.  The theme of camp was Surf's Up and the girls worked on a patch that they can only get from the GS Council of Hawaii.  They are looking forward to the delivery of the patch.  Grace also walked the Eagle Trail Challenge again.  It is at this camp that one can earn that patch and no place else. This was her second year so she got a feather for her repeat of the trail.  I volunteer for the week of camp and this year it was very different for me. This year I was the camp nurse.  I missed out on tons of fun that was being experienced by the girls.  I had a girl in sick bay when the girls did their big hula dance display as well.  Not so sure I liked that part but it was a much easier week for me than walking miles and miles each day in the heat.  Although I had an AC in the building, I set out in the warmth along with the girls and reclined in my chair most of the time.  I took time to do some lesson planning for the cooperative classes I will teach this fall.

I would like to say that we are finished with school but honestly we are not.  We have gone to a M-W-F schedule for the summer but I have tons to do with them yet.  My planning of time next year is based on what I learned this year.  The previous years we did not have this issue.  Truth be told, year round math is a must for Grace anyway.

So let me think, think, think.... ( I love Winnie the Pooh).  What did we do before camp and what is around the corner?  Well it is hard to say as we are always doing something and I love having the opportunity to have the children with me.  Next week will be VBS all week in the morning.  The library reading program has begun on Thursday afternoons and the girls have been at the library several times per week. 
Tons of spot thunderstorms keep limiting some of what we accomplish is the day.  The pool is open and not being used as much as it should be.  My great nephew is in town and I got to have him here for a night. They were in the pool by 10 am.  That was a good day.  Unfortunately, it was also the day the Grace has piano lessons and the girls have gymnastics. So the afternoon was not much fun for him.  He also does not tolerate the heat well. 

The archery team is making progress.  We just need to get some funding to help make some purchases.  I plan to have archery every Tuesday morning, Co-op will be all day Thursday so you can see why I have to do creative planning for the next school year.