Monday, September 16, 2013

Today are pics of the NEW CO-OP

The new CHC is indeed going to be a model of the new homeschool cooperatives.  Collinsville Homeschool Cooperative serves the masses. Regardless of where you stand philosophically, you are welcome to participate. As a Christian, I find it a great way to reach others by my actions and example. So much different than sheltering within a subculture, regardless of that that might have been in the past.

This is an important step. The face of homeschool is changing. The mainstream parents are finding ways to meet the needs of their children and the population of homeschooling families is on a rise.

Here are some pictures of the start. If you read the last post you learned about our class fair. Pictures of the displays and teachers answering questions about the curriculum, parents waiting in line for our on site-- on line registration, and then a glimpse at some class and recess time for the young ones. I missed shots of the older students.

Faith back there in math lab

Grace in center in Lego League