Friday, July 26, 2013

Some days are heavy on a soul

Nothing has gone wrong. There are just so many things happening all at one time and I feel like I don't know from one moment to the next where I am going to land.  I am flexible.  I am flexible. I can bend. I can bend.  I don't want to bend and be flexible as it is so exhausting on the soul.

My calendar if filling rapidly. It is filling with the things I want to do for teaching the girls. It is filling with things that I MUST teach the girls. It is filling with responsibilities that I have in commitments to others.  It is filled with helping my mother get to and from a multitude of physicians. It is filled with helping my son when suddenly his little one was ill and could not go to day care. SO, everything else that was going to happened had to change.  I have asked my mother to avoid Thursday appointments and the Mondays for zoo school. Other than that it is all fair game.  By the time I get to her it is a 45 minute drive. To her appointments and back is several hours and then I have to get home again.  That shoots the day for the girls.  Kelley will begin her new job and that will mean Thurs. and Fri. are tied up.

My soul just feel so tired from juggling so much right now. I know I take it all on but I take on what the good Lord hands me. (yes, I know I sought the co-op and that is a different story)

Praise GOD that I can take it on still.